WHISPER OF TREES | Organic Tea Towel |

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WHISPER OF TREES  | Organic Tea Towel |

Find inspiration, beauty, and simplicity in this design. Use it everyday. Batoul's work often features feminine details, joyful, geometric patterns, and peaceful vignettes - Picture a cup of steaming tea next to a bouquet of soft blooms. Today, she works with a small studio ream to produce the cozy, inviting prints that appear on this lovely collection for the home.

  • 100% Organic Cotton Panama 
  • Color in Natural (& White)
  • Imported - UK
  • Print one side
  • Hand sewn Towels by artist. 
  • Free Shipping


  • 65"L x48"W cm   | 25"L, 19"W inch

Care Instructions

Machine wash in delicates at cold or 30 degrees and Hang dry. No Tumble Dry. No Dry Clean. Cool Iron.