BYHEART DESIGN'S CONDITIONS OF SALE, DELIVERY AND RETURN OF GOODS These sale and delivery conditions, called the Conditions below, are applied to all orders made on Byheart Design’s website, www.byheart.design, called the Website below, and from Byheart Design’s Customer service, when the delivery is made to an address in an EU Member State and outside EU. If the law of a country other than Sweden is applicable, the conditions apply where they do not deviate from the applicable mandatory consumer legislation. Byheart Design obviously complies with the applicable mandatory consumer legislation.


Orders shall be made by the Website or through the Customer Service, see the contact details below. Immediately after you have made your order, an order confirmation is sent to your email address. It is important that you check that the order confirmation is correct. If you do not receive an order confirmation or if it is incorrect in some way or if you wish to change your order, we ask you to contact us immediately by phone +46 (0)73-940 56 18. To simplify any contacts with our Customer Service, we recommend that you have the order confirmation available in contacts with us.  
The CHANGE CURRENCY IS in US-dollars (USD). At the request of another currency (Euro or SEK), please contact us in advance. TAX ON DIGITAL FILES  The prices given on Digital files/ PATTERN DESIGN STUDIO - section are excluding value added Swedish tax of (6%). Value added tax is payable for all customers in Sweden. The Tax-cost is shown at the checkout. 



The VAT is not payable on such orders (Digital Files) where the delivery is made to an international Corporate clients (B2B).  There may be customs costs depending on the legislation in the country to which the order is delivered. Any charges for VAT and customs duties are to be paid by the customer. Unfortunately, Byheart Design is unable to inform the customer of these charges and the administration concerning the import of the products and the payment of VAT and customs duties is the customer’s own responsibility. For More information please read terms & conditions by TULLVERKET: http://tullverket.se/en/business 


The prices on the SHOP-section include value added Swedish tax of (25%). VAT is not payable on orders to Corporate clients (B2B) where the delivery is made to an international market. Private Clients (B2C) on the international market shall pay the Swedish Tax value as 25% on the purchases. There may be customs costs depending on the legislation in the country to which the order is delivered. Any charges for VAT and customs duties are paid by the customer. Unfortunately, Byheart Design is unable to inform the customer of these charges and the administration concerning the import of the products and the payment of VAT and customs duties is the customer’s own responsibility. 
Regarding the product category in SwimSuit, Kid's, Bag, Scarfs,Home decor what our corporate companies produce and deliver directly to you, please read their Terms & Conditions. 


The prices given are excluding freight. Freight costs are additional and are paid by you. The freight cost is shown at checkout.


For orders made through the Website we accept payment using the following debit and credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, AMEX/American Express by PayPal or Mondido , direct debit from a Swedish bank: Handelsbanken, SEB, Swedbank and Nordea, or against an E-mail-Invoice by MONDIDO We also accept payment by PayPal. For card payments, follow the instructions given on the Website when paying. When you order through customer service, you pay by cash on delivery or by payment in advance to our bank account. For security reasons we do not accept card or invoice payments for orders made through customer service.
Under Swedish law, we have an obligation to request credit review of clients and the corporate companies. If we do not get approved on the clients/ Company we will directly cancel the orders and send you a cancellation e-mail.

We always offer you a secure payment method. We cooperate with PayEx, which meets the PCI DSS requirements. All card details and your personal data are encrypted, which means that only authorised persons can access the information: RESERVATION We reserve the right to cancel orders when the product is obviously wrongly priced.


Orders of some products not kept in stock must be made via our customer service. For products not kept in stock we charge a deposit of at least 20% of the price of the product. If you cancel the product or withdraw from the contract for some other reason, we are entitled to cover our costs and any damage as a result of the cancellation or withdrawal from the deposit.

When a product is specially ordered, we stipulate that the deposit must have reached us before we place the production order. This means that the delivery time may be affected if you do not pay the deposit in the agreed time.We are not obliged to release a product until it has been paid for in-full, so we will wait for full payment before delivery.


If you want to cancel a product, you are obliged under Section 41 of the Swedish Consumer Sales Act to compensate us for our costs and losses, unless you have the possibility of using your right of withdrawal. Compensation as the result of a cancellation will, in the first place, be taken from the deposit paid, if any.  


Purchase on approval or an exchange right do not apply to custom-made goods. But you may have a right of withdrawal. You can contact customer service to find out what is applicable. In isolated cases a product ordered may have been discontinued or it may no longer be possible for us to deliver it for some other reason. If so, we will contact you immediately to discuss a satisfactory solution.


The delivery method, conditions, delivery time and cost vary depending on the country and type of product. Products bought on Byheart Design’s website are only delivered to Sweden, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia. For other countries, contact customer service.


For small products kept in stock that can be sent by parcel post the normal delivery time is one–three working days if the product is being sent within Sweden and you have given your mobile number. If you have not given your mobile number, the delivery can take up to two additional days. Deliveries to postcode areas with rural letter carriers (generally where the third digit in the post code is a five, XX5 XX) can take up to one–three days longer than normal delivery time. Note that the delivery time may be extended if you have ordered a product that requires the payment of a deposit and you have not paid the deposit in due time.Packages are only held at the collection point for 14 days from their date of arrival, and you must collect the package within that time if it is not to be sent back to us. Note that we make a charge for packages that are not collected.


If one or more of the products you ordered are not in stock for immediate delivery, your order will be filled through partial deliveries. In that case you only pay a freight cost corresponding to what would have applied to a single delivery for all of your order.


In certain cases a delivery notice can be obtained from the carrier if you have given your mobile number and email when making the order. 


Even though we do our utmost to deliver what has been ordered in the time promised, something can go wrong. If the delivery takes longer than promised, we ask you to contact us right away so that we can look into why the delivery is taking longer. If the delay is of material significance to you, you may be entitled to terminate the contract. Contact us right away if your delivery is late and it is important for you to receive the product within a certain period of time.  


We have chosen carriers who, in our view, provide guarantees for good quality in their deliveries. Despite this, damage in transport can occur. We therefore ask you to examine, on receipt, whether there is any damage to the product or the packaging. If there is visible damage to the product or packaging, you should report this direct to the carrier or, if you discover the damage after delivery, as soon as possible to our customer service by e-mail: info@byheart.design. You must send us a photograph of the poor-quality print or damaged area. Byheart Design Sweden is not responsible for items damaged in shipping.




Our goal is that you shall be completely satisfied with the product or the products you purchase from us. If you order from the website or from our customer service you have a right of retraction, regardless of your reason, (according to distance and home sales laws) within 14 days from your receipt of the product. You must however notify our customer service. Items Damaged or Poor Quality
If an item is damaged or is shipped with a poor-quality print, you must send us a photograph of the poor-quality print or damaged area. We will replace any items damaged or poor-quality at no additional cost. Byheart Design Sweden is not responsible for items damaged in shipping.

Wrong Product Shipped

If we ship the wrong product to your customer, send us a photo showing how the product differs from what was ordered and we will replace any such items at no additional cost. If you have any other complaint regarding the design printed on a product, please send us a photo. We kindly ask you to observe that you cannot exercise your right of retraction simply by refusing delivery of the product or by not collecting the parcel. In addition to the right of retraction we provide 30 days right of replacement, regardless if the purchase has been made through our website or from our customer service. The period starts from the day you placed the order.  You can exchange the product with another by placing a new order on our website.

Return the goods in unaltered condition, ideally in their original packaging. The return slip includes the address that you should use. If you use your right of return/exchange, the return shipping will be charged retrospectively. In the case of exchange or return, you are responsible for transport risks. Always save guarantee/delivery notes until the return is completed, as these show your return package number which you will require in the case of any claims.

Purchase on approval
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase and you cannot find anything else in our shop that attracts you at the moment, you have the possibility of returning the product within 10 working days from when you received the product in your hand and getting your money back. Purchase on approval does not apply to goods sold by the meter or custom-made products.

Please re-pack the product you want to return in its original packaging and, failing that, pack it in such a way that the product will not be damaged during the return transport. State why you are returning the product, i.e. whether it is an exchange or a purchase on approval.  Put your note in the box. Make sure that it covers the original address to us. When we have received and approved your product return, we will send you your replacement product or refund your money, less the cost of the return freight. Please note that you are responsible for the product not being damaged or disappearing during the return freight. We therefore ask you to make sure that the product is well packed and, if necessary, insured.

Despite our own and our suppliers' high quality standards, some items may be defective. If a product is defective and you complained about this in due time, we will obviously ensure that the product is repaired or replaced free of charge to you. In certain cases you may also be able to assert other remedies. If an item is damaged or is shipped with a poor-quality print, you must send us a photograph of the poor-quality print or damaged area. Byheart Design is not responsible for items damaged in shipping.

For you to be able to cancel the purchase the defect must be material and we must be unable to repair or replace the product within a reasonable period of time.


We are exempted from fulfilling the delivery if the due fulfilment of the delivery is prevented by a circumstance outside our control that we could not reasonably have expected when making the contract and whose consequences we could not reasonably avoid or overcome, such as a labour dispute, fire, accident, war, decision of a public authority or some other circumstance that was outside our control and that has a material effect on our due fulfilment of the contract.


Byheart Design Sweden’s ambition is for all its customers to be satisfied. In the first place we always try to reach an agreement with you if something has gone wrong.  If we are unable, despite our efforts, to come to an agreement, we recommend that you contact the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) for an independent examination. We obviously follow the recommendations of the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes.


If you have any questions, something has gone wrong in your delivery or you want to reach our customer service for some other reason, you can reach them at:
Telephone: +46 (0)73-940 56 18 
Email: info@byheart.design
VATNR: SE-670919250101
Postal address: 
Nämndemansgatan 11 
SE,170 66 SOLNA (Stockholm), SWEDEN 
Customer service is open from 10–18 on weekdays. During weekdays any email will be answered within 24 hours.