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Scarf in Glossy waved Twill  Satin ( glossy high satin) with hand-rolled edges . 

Imaginative designs, with pomegranate and Paisley  a life growing freely, flowers and fruits took form. 

  • Designed by Batoul Yazdanian 
  • Dimensions Scarf : 90 x 90 cm 
  • Dimension 1 Meter : 140 x 100 cm  - Order Pattern & Print " POMEGRANATE BLUE PAISLEY. Pink  "  in meters on: Satin Glossy /  Satin Crepe/ Satin Stretch or Triple Crepe  for your sewings project.
  • Print: Environment friendly digitalt print. 
This essential Byheart Design accessory, SCARFS, complements any outfit. It can be worn many ways - around your neck, as a top, at the waist or as a headscarf!

    A/W 21/22 | Design direction: As heritage becomes a post-pandemic staple, folk and bohemian sentiments will have a resurgence for A/W 21/22. Classic paisley, backed by trade shows, offers a feminine, accessible alternative to florals. Draw on scarf print layouts for detailed paisleys in tonal color-ways that can work trans-seasonally. Both are key for dresses, woven sets, blouses and light jackets.