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  • Pattern Name: Romantic In East, art by ©Byheart Design Sweden, Print Studio.
  • Technique: Watercolor.
  • Market: Home Decor, Fashion.
  • File Format: Psd in digital layers & Colour indexed version available.
  • Size of repeat: 64 x64 cm (25x25 inch).
  • Resolution 300 dpi.

Please note this pattern is available for license or outright purchase; you may use the dropdown menu to select your preference. Prices are in US Dollars, incl Tax.
Our standard license is for non-exclusive rights for four years; you can view our contract here.

This contract must be read, signed, returned by email, and approved by Batoul before the license period can commence.
If you wish to purchase this pattern outright with all exclusive rights, then the design will subsequently be removed from our library immediately.
If you want to discuss these options or are looking for alternative licensing terms, don't hesitate to contact Info@Byheart.design.