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KITCHEN TOWEL, ETERNAL LOVE, can be that beautiful & distinctive addition to your table setting. Design your very own home kitchen towel as a unique gift. The placement of the pattern on the kitchen towel ETERNAL LOVE may vary from the one provided in the photo. All designs are hand-crafted by freelance designer, Batoul Yazdanian. 

Kitchen Towel, Size: 50 x 70cm
Tabel Cloth, Size: 140 X 300 cm or 140 x 200 cm 
Tabel Runner, Size: 45 x 130 cm
Fabric: 90% Cotton / 10% Linen
Shrinkage: 3-5 cm
Delivery: 2-3 weeks
Price:  25% Swedish tax is included

Washing: We recommend washing at 40°C. Washed products inside in order to keep the colors vibrant and fresh. Avoid using any detergents containing bleach.

Such kitchen household towels when used well and being displayed for everyday use add something for guests to admire. So why not make them a little more cool and unique that is pleasant to the eye and your personal touch to the kitchen. Contact our Customer Service  and order your own items with this personalized-design.