Freelance, Surface Pattern Designer ©Byheart design Sweden
Byheart Design Studio was founded by designer ‘Batoul Yazdanian’ who specialises in delivering vibrant, energetic patterns designed to uplift and inspire. 
Based in Sweden, Batoul creates designs for the fashion, interiors, and stationery industries which can be recognised for their beautiful use of vivid colour and highly commercial handwriting.
Since 2014 Batoul has had a passion for watercolours which she incorporates into her work and combines with contemporary CAD techniques to create exclusive repeat patterns & original artwork.  From florals & abstracts to geometric and kid's designs, Batoul’s experimental, fresh approach to design is evident throughout her extensive portfolio.
If you wish to contact Batoul about working together on commissions or viewing her print library, please email her at: info@byheart.design 
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Freelance Pattern Designer© Byheart Design Sweden
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