Artist Batoul Yazdanian artist Batoul Yazdanian

logo by heart design Byheart.Design's Pattern Studio - produce unique surface pattern design with love, happiness & personality for Home Decor, Textile- & Apparel industry. The artist batoul yazdanian in Stockholm, Sweden released the brand Byheart.Design in 2017. Painting with Watercolour had always been a stable passion in her life, in 2014 she discovered the passion of crafting with silver. Every piece of art is a unique creation of passion and withholds the designers eternal quest to capture the beauty of her ancient land & culture. 

Batoul Yazdanian LinkedIn  batoul yazdanian graduated from Örebro University with a Masters of Science in Business and Economics. After 20 years of work experience in marketing, she decided to change her path and start her artistic career. The collections of sterling silver and handmade jewelry with the press of her paintings in organic materials she creates the expression of raw curvaceous shapes in several projects. Simplicity and the play with geometric shapes gives it a special twist.

Byheart Design Pattern Studio


PATTERN STUDIO  | Byheart Design an Online Gallery 

Byheart.Design's Pattern Studio, will inspire the textile market and fashion industry to create products with bold, colourful patterns for a world full of passion and humility in the humans daily life. Batoul yazdanian's hand paintings arts present collections in original watercolour arts & in digital abstract patterns for Quilting market and Home decor industry.

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Standard License - Buy Standard licensens in Byheart.Design online gallery. The  standard license allows you to use the design for digital and physical reproduction such as websites, ebooks, apps, software, books, magazines, posters, packaging and other promotional/marketing media that is not for resale. The supplied downloadable file is a hi-resolution flat JPG file. (In this area your patterns will not be removed from our pattern studio.)

Exclusive Licenses - If you are looking for exclusive designs that only you and your company/brand has use of, head to our Exclusive Design area. The Patterns will be removed after your purchases. The B2B buyer has opportunity to buy a portfolio of many patterns in same colour palette too. The term of this contract is for 4 calendar years, commencing upon both parties signing this contract. In order to lengthen the agreement of exclusive rights it is open to discussion. 

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Private customers can order the artist's hand sewn cushions cover, Kitchen towels of Organic fabrics.  Each fabrics are of Got standard and environment-friendly materials. ORDER HERE  - THE ECO.HOME If there is any private wishes of Design & Textile products, just e-mail us the name of patterns and we will order your special organic products after your wishes.



As artist I decided to create products of high quality materials which will protect the human life and the environments. Personally, I respect each handcraft with unique history, it describes passions, patience and perfections for each individual souls.

Byheart Design, SCARF COLLECTION, are going to start collaboration with one of the worlds leading manufacturers of printed, plain, yarn-dyed and jacquard fabrics for international luxury brands. It manufactures and distributes accessories for men and women. The manufactures are strongly linked to silk manufacturing. Their production process respects the ecosystem, less consumption, more attention to materials and products, recycling. 


The collection of Silk Scarf is coming soon- follow our newsletter!