drapeau-france MADE IN FRANCE | Personalised products in our workshops in Bordeauxin France. |

All our markings are made internally in our premises in France, in Bordeaux. In addition to the expert customization service we have been offering for nearly 20 years,

We do not use any subcontractor, in order to maintain a fully integrated process that allows us to ensure very short production / delivery times, but also a true quality follow-up. This control of the supply chain allows us to be highly responsive and attractive, and to offer formulas ranging from 1 to 10,000 pieces.

We use printers with the latest technologies used by the largest brands of ready-to-wear clothes.

As a result, we guarantee absolute professionalism on 3 customization processes, applied with precision in our Bordeaux workshops. The first option is that of digital printing through two practices: direct printing (which consists of marking the support with a specific inkjet printer) and sublimation (used for white polyester fiber textile). You can also customize your product in flex & flock, a process that consists in transferring a soft and fine material cut in a vector pattern using a thermal press. And finally, if you want to acquire a product with higher marking, we also have the solution thanks to our long-standing expertise in embroidery.

The number of possible print colors is unlimited, and these colors are rendered in high definition with an intense rendering and a fair opacity. The good behavior when washing is verfied, and perfect.  BUY A PRODUCT 


flex & flock
A process which consists in hot transferring, using a thermal press, a flexible and fine material cut out in a vector pattern.
The surface is shiny, smooth and in relief. The colors are very long-lasting but are limited to three per pattern.
Exists in Flex with multiples colors, Fluo, Metal, Sequin or in Flock with a velvet touch.


numeric printing

A method which consists of directly marking the support using a specific ink jet printer. 

The number of possible colors is unlimited and the resistance to conventional washing is excellent.
This technique is perfect for small or large complex patterns and is suitable for most textile supports.
The printing touch is softer than the printing Flex because the ink has been drawn into the fiber of the garment.
We use high technology printers, used by the renowned brands of ready to wear clothes. BUY A PRODUCT 

A printing process used for white textile in polyester fiber as well as on all polyester treated objects (Iphone case, Mugs, Mouse pads...)
The printing colors are unlimited and are rendered in high definition with an intense rendering and good opacity.
Resistance to washing is excellent.


When a brand grows and its activities are in constant growth, there is always a risk that satisfaction with the manufacturing process will deteriorate, and that the initial passion will become a repetitive task. To avoid this, we are anxious to maintain the pleasure we have in making products that will be appreciated by their users. Because it is important to remain sincere and true to our original intentions, we have founded an internal culture based on communication, transparency, and the exchange of ideas. In order to maintain a positive harmony and to reinvent one's self constantly, but also in order to be proud of what we accomplish on a daily basis.

What are your deadlines?

Our average production time are 10 to 15 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Our teams do their best for an expedition as soon as possible. Upon shipment, our carrier takes over to keep you informed of the progress of delivery that takes place in 24 or 72 hours depending on your department for France.
The personalisation of products being a random profession, these delays are average delays and are given as an indication. They can not justify a request for refund or cancellation of order.

In which countries can I be delivered?

We ship worldwide. When creating your account, when you enter your delivery address, all countries will be offered.

Can I cancel or modify an order?

According to Article L. 121-20-2, 3° of the Consumer Code, the law on the withdrawal period for the e-commerce sector does not apply to personalised goods (the seller can not resell the custom product and any work started on your order is lost.)
For this reason, it is not possible to cancel an order. However, as long as the graphic work has not started, we are willing to make changes to the marking requested provided that it does not increase the price of the product.

How to change the delivery address?

Although you can change your address in the settings of your account, the address chosen during the validation of your order will be retained. For any change of delivery address wished after validation of your order, thank you to contact us at " " by indicating us your order number and the desired address. Please note that the address has to be changed before the package is shipped.